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Creative Dream...

        This post is about another thing I enjoy doing for creativity besides makeup. Painting. Both makeup and painting are relevant as they both entail a creation of some kind. A few years ago, before I learned makeup meant more than just the everyday essentials, I was eager to learn to paint. I can still remember when I bought my first set of acrylic paints at Walmart and a set of brushes. A picture of Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas was my inspiration for the first painting I did. A couple years later I enrolled in a painting class where I learned more on the types of mediums one can use and the proper ways of caring for your tools (brushes and paints). Since, I've tried to continue painting to keep that fire burning. Here is the most recent painting I have done, using oils on a canvas board.
      What I love about painting is that there is no right or wrong way of painting and one can paint about anything. To me Painting is therapeutic and a creation that can live forever. 

Tarantula (Oils on Canvas)
 My Memento Mori for Painting Class
(Oils on canvas)

I hope you enjoyed this post! :)


  1. Heyy these are great =) I didn't know you paint too! I do a lot of mixed media art, but I don't think I could ever share them on my blog! So you're very brave - and talented!


  2. You are so talented, Anel! These are gorgeous!!!! :)

  3. WOW i love the last painting! you got talent girl!

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  6. Looks like you got some talent girl! I'm a painter as well:) Love your blog!

  7. You may have already received it, & you aren't really a "newbie" to blogging, but I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog : )

  8. Wow,these paintings are amazing!**
    the first one is the best!

  9. What beautiful paintings! I really like the Memento Mori piece.

  10. You are so talented, keep painting!