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Going from Day to Night: 10 Essentials to have in your Makeup Bag

         There are times where as much as you would love to stop by home after a long day of work to shower and get ready for a night out, "time" does not allow that to happen. Because for those evenings that are simply inevitable I have listed a few essentials that can help you transform your day look to an evening-fun look in just a few minutes.     

1. Face wipes/Q-tips- Removing your entire look can be a lot when your on the go- so instead of having to re-do your eye makeup, wiping your face with wipes is an easy way to freshen up. Q-tips can be used to clean up stray specks of mascara.
2. A highlighting concealer pen- Touching up on the shadowy areas with a highlighting pen is convenient and easy 
3. A pressed powder- If your cover-up consist of a liquid foundation, touching up your base makeup can be challenging. For a polished look a colored pressed powder is great because it adds coverage and gets rid of any unwanted shine
4. Blush- a neutral blush will help define your cheekbones and add color
5. Highlighter for face and eyes- Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick is not only great for highlighting parts of the face but can used to bring light to the inner corners of the eyes and the brow bone
6. A couple lipstick shades- Whether your more comfortable with a bright pink lip or a vibrant red- either color instantly amplifies your entire look adding a fun kick
7. A dark shadow- can add more depth in the crease or used as a liner on the top and lower lash line
8. Eye lash curler- for full looking lashes
9. Clear Eyes- A long day of work= becoming tired= red eyes/ Clear eyes is the best way to wake up your eyes 
10. Roll on Perfume- A roll on perfume of your favorite scent can instantly boost up your mood

What are your essentials when taking a day look to an evening/fun look?
Xx Anel


  1. Great picks
    Like your BAG!

  2. nice products!!! keep posting!


  3. Oh my goodness WHERE did you buy your makeup bag? I love it!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. You know I never thought of adding eye drops to a makeup kit, but now that you talk about it. That does make sense. I'll be adding it to mine now!

    Hey could you check out my blog and maybe vote for me in the Rimmel 10 contest, infos on my blog

  5. @ Jessica; Thanks! I got it this Christmas. It is from a store called Handmade :)

    @ Beauty on a College budget; Just Voted for you! :)

  6. These are great must-have picks to have on hand! I need to update my on the go makeup bag and I will definitely be adding some makeup wipes, q-tips & eye drops!