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MAC Dipdown Fluidline Review, Swatches and Photos

0.1oz (3g)/ US $15.00

         What it is: Fluidlines are described as an "ultra-smooth formula that provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Long-wearing and smudge-proof". The color Dipdown is a "solid flat brown" gel eyeliner.

         Packaging: Fluidlines are packaged in a small glass pot. I store this fluidline upside down to prevent the product from drying out. 

         Verdict: You may already know that Blacktrack fluidline is my go-to product for eyeliner. It never fails me when I am trying to create a perfect cat eye look. However, I had always been on a hunt for a brown liner. I thought I had found it when I picked up Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Black Plum ink. Although I love the softness of the color, it was more of a brown, plummy color (hence the name). Dipdown is perfect when combining with neutral-earth tone shadows and when you want to go for a more "naturel" look. The texture is creamy making the application easy and fast. I like that it does not dry and set very fast, giving me time to fix any mistakes I may have made. It also last all day (about 8 + hours). I use Sonia Kashuk's bent eyeliner brush to apply dipdown. 
If you find that your cream or gel liner smudges throughout the day, setting your liner with a powder shadow that matches the color helps extend the wear. It is just as when we use a loose or pressed powder to set your liquid foundation to help prolong the wear.  

MAC Dipdown Fluidline
Sonia Kashuk Bent Eye Liner Brush

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  1. thanks for the review. :)
    do you have any tip for lower waterlining? i've tried setting with powder method and many other products but nothing seems to help!

    1. L e n a; I never really use fluidlines for my lower lashline because since the product is creamy it won't stay as long as it does on the top lashline. What I try to use is a waterproof eyeliner and then use a powder shadow that matches the color to set it. Some great pencil liners that I use for the lower lashline are MakeUp Forever Aqua liners, L'oreal Extra -Intense liquid pencil eyeliner and Milani Liquif' Eye liner pencil- Hope this helps :)

  2. Great review, this is on my list to buy next

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've been wanting to try a Mac fluidline for awhile now, but wasn't sure whether to go with Bobbie Brown or Mac because it seems like people usually like one over the other. When you do not consider the shade between the two, just the formula, do you find one applies or outlasts the other or do you have a preference? Thanks so much!

    1. The biggest difference between MAC fluidlines and Bobbi Brown gel-ink liners is the texture. MAC fluidlines are very creamy making it really easy to apply. And Bobbi Brown's have a smooth texture (the shimmery ones) but are a bit drier than fluidlines. However, the ones I have none have dried. What it is great about Bobbi Brown is the color selection. They have a lot of colors while MAC has probably like 5 colors in their permanent line. As for the lasting power, they both have good lasting power. Hope this helps :)
      I will soon post a review on Bobbi Brown gel liners :)

  4. I love dipdown! Though I've been neglecting it lately... hmmm

  5. Your liner skills are awesome!;)


  6. which one is better? Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade or Mac Fluidline dipdown? tq :)