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A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Foundation 

    Finding a foundation that meets your needs can be quite a challenging journey. Of course for me it was because I was not aware of the basics that really seem to make a difference when looking for a new foundation. Next time you are on the search for a new foundation, remember to keep the following points in mind;

1. Know your skin type- Just like we differ in height, weight, and body shape, our skin differs as well. People may have normal, dry, oily or sensitive skin…etc. Some people can also be acne prone, have large pores….etc. The list can go on with existing problem areas. Over the years, the beauty industry has made many advancements by creating different foundation formulations to treat different skin types. Once you identify the type of skin you have, you can narrow down the options for the different foundations that may work for you. There are foundations advertised for oily, dry, mature and even all skin types. 

2. Know your skin color/undertone- This key point is just as essential as the previous one. We all have a different shade of color. Are you fair, light, light medium, medium, olive, tan, deep or dark? You also want to identify what undertone you have; pink, neutral or yellow/beige undertones. If you are unsure about what your undertone may be, it may be helpful to consult a makeup artist.

3. Know the type of formula/coverage you want the foundation to have- Are you looking for a lightweight, medium coverage or full coverage foundation? What texture will you prefer in your base? cream, powder, liquid or loose mineral? If you want something light and easy for everyday use, a tinted moisturizer may be what you are looking for. When making a decision during this step, choose the formulation that makes you feel pretty and comfortable. Foundations also have different finishes. Some are moisture-rich, leaving a dewy finish look and others are matte which can give a flat look. 

4. Do research- Before, when I used to purchase a foundation I would go with the most popular foundation and sometimes the most affordable. However, I have learned that researching different foundations will not only save you money but it can really help you find the perfect foundation. Read reviews about foundations that are suitable for your skin type and that may be best for your shade color. Makeup Alley is a great resource where real people worldwide write reviews about many beauty products. 

5. Pick up a couple samples in store- Once you have a couple foundations in mind, get a few samples. Department stores are usually generous when giving out samples of their products. If you are not sure about two shade colors, get samples of different shade colors and compare.

6. Test in natural daylight- Test the foundation samples by applying them in natural daylight and see how they wear throughout the day. There are foundations that may oxidize (turns a different color after a few minutes of application), therefore you might want to go a shade lighter. 

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