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Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation


What it is: A foundation that is made to be "fusional" so that it cannot be felt or seen.

"Imagine the delicious sensation of the lightest silk satin brushing against your skin…the sensual, sophisticated feel of materials enveloping the skin in softness, defining and shaping the curves, enhancing natural beauty".
-By Guerlain
Packaging: The foundation is packaged in a luxurious, heavy glass bottle with Guerlain's signature printed at the middle of the cap. The bottle contains 1 oz. of product. The foundation  has a pump, which is my ideal packaging because you have control of how much foundation you want to be distributed. There is an SPF of 20. 

Verdict: I have this shade in #23 Dore Naturel. The finish this foundation gives is fantastic. It is not dewy, or matte. It is in-between. You get a semi-matte finish, which looks natural and beautiful. The coverage is light to medium. The formula melts onto the skin, making it easy and quick to apply. The tools I use to apply the foundation are my fingers. I find that using my fingers allows me to work and blend away the product evenly. Because the finish is semi-matte, a setting powder is not required. The lasting power of the foundation is also spectacular. On me it lasts about 6 to 8 hours of wear. The foundation seems to also be photo friendly. Even though it contains SPF 20 it does not give the white cast in photos using flash. I have been using this product continuously for about two weeks and my skin has not experienced any problems. Overall, I am very happy with this foundation because of how natural it looks and feels on my skin.

***The only negative I find with Guerlain the brand itself, is the small shade range it carries in general. There are not many shades available. However, it is worth a try to check it out, your shade might be available. 

Before- Bare Face
After- Foundation and concealer applied and blush
Chanel Lip liner in nude and Glossimer in Muscat on top -reviewed here

What foundation are you loving right now?


  1. I really like the look of your lips! Very nice!

  2. @ Supergirl; Thanks for checking out my blog and for lips Chanel never fails me :)

  3. you have wonderful skin, really! Do anything special or lucky ;)

    P.S bought Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop after your post!

  4. It looks great and I love that it's in between dewy and matte. Might have to check it out! :-)

  5. @ iliketotalkalot; Thanks for the compliment :) The only thing that people are always surprise that I do is use extra virgin olive oil to remove my makeup. It is a miracle product for me. Oh and I hope you love the Revlon lip butter..did you get any other colors?

    @ Sara Louise; Thanks for checking out my blog..and yes check this foundation out. it is perfect when you want to go all out with your skin :)

  6. You are gorgeous!! Can you please tell me how you get your teeth so white? Did you get zoom whitening or what kind of whitening products/toothpaste do you use? You have an amazing smile! thanks

  7. @ jackie100; To be honest I do not do anything special to my teeth to whiten them. I have tried the crest whitening strips in the past but my gums were too sensitive and they were painful to have on. The only thing I have done that might have made a difference is stopped drinking coffee. For the past several weeks I have been drinking green tea with honey. And when I did drink coffee I only limited myself to one cup a day. I will be having a post about Green Tea and it's benefits in the next few days.
    Hope this helps :)

  8. sheesh! your skin is already so lovely without the foundation. lucky girl :)

  9. @ kellyyes; Thank you for checking out my blog :)

    @ Maryam Maquillage; Thank you! and you are beautiful as well :))

  10. Foundation looks great on you. I'm having a tough time finding a foundation to fit my needs. One of the biggest issues I'm having is finding the right shade due to self tanner. Mac told me I was NC37-40 and Estee Lauder matched me with Ivory Beige. Ivory beige seems way too yellow and doesn't fit my skin well. The second issue I'm having is dry skin in the winter. I have tried Estee Lauder Double Wear, and Mac Fix fluid but they show the dry patches on my face really bad. Any suggestions??

  11. @ Brandy; Hey thanks for the comment. About the foundation question, I think the best thing you can do is get a couple or a few samples of different foundation colors. Sometimes the color the Makeup artist matches you is not the right one since the lighting is different inside stores. Also if your skin is on the dry side, you definitely want to go with a foundation that is moisturizing and dewy. I love Chanel Vitalumiere, and my skin is dry. It is very moisturizing and dewy. Stay away from foundations that are heavy and give a matte finish, they will only emphasize dry patches. Hope this helps, and let me know if you have anymore questions :)

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