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Beauty Tip #4: Fingers as your Tools for A Natural Base

Photo obtained from Google images

            Are you tired of not achieving the finish you want your foundation to give? Are the brushes you use making your foundation look streaky, too heavy or uneven, rather than natural? Well it may be time you give your fingers a chance and let them do the work. Not only are fingers easier to wash and prep before foundation but they also help liquid foundation blend smoother giving a more natural and lightweight look. Fingers are also great to use when concealing under eye circles. Using our fingertips gives the maximum control of how much pressure is applied under the eye and in helping achieve a natural finish. So while many of us love using a brush for every area of makeup application, don't forget that we hold the power to one of the best makeup tools; Our Fingers!

PS: If your foundation has a creamier/heavier consistency then a brush may be the most appropriate tool because you want to buff the foundation in. Foundations that have a liquid and light feel are easier to blend with fingers. 
How do you apply for foundation? Do you use brushes, spongers or your fingers?


  1. I tend to switch between brush and fingers, with my cream or heavier consistency foundations I use a brush, I find they spread the product better for light liquid foundations sometimes I'll use my fingers, simply because I feel like a brush eats up a lot of the product :)

    1. Yes for thin liquid products the brushes can easily eat up the product so fingers is what I prefer but it is a thicker foundation then a brush will help to spread it out more evenly :) Thanks for commenting Lucy X